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Lab Tech

At Zennetix, we are developing the future of cannabis cultivation with our lab techs. Our team is researching & developing new tissue culture techniques for fast-growing, high-yield cannabis crop production.


Conroe, TX



What You’ll Do

At Zennetix, our lab technicians provide the day-to-day operations of our cannabis tissue culture lab. These responsibilities include:

  • Setting up and maintaining sterile tissue culture environments

  • Cultivating, propagating, and harvesting plant materials

  • Monitoring and controlling environmental parameters in the lab


Who You are

  • At Zennetix, we are pioneering the future of cannabis tissue culture and are looking for a talented lab tech to join our team. This role requires a high degree of experience in tissue culture and laboratory work, as well as a deep understanding of cannabis biology.

    The successful candidate will be able to work with a variety of laboratory equipment, perform complex tasks with accuracy and attention to detail, and maintain a safe and organized laboratory environment. Our team is passionate about our work and committed to creating innovative solutions to help further the cannabis industry.
  • You are a team player

  • You are excited about the space

  • You have a keen attention to detail

  • You are a self starter and reliable

  • You enjoy a fast pace, hard working environment

  • You are a learner, always seeking to grow and improve

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