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True Tissue Culture Plants For Commercial Growers

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Clean Genetics by zennetix

More revenue. Better Genetics.


Certified Clean

Zennetix is your go-to source for cannabis plant tissue cultures that are certified clean. Free from viruses, viroids, and pathogens, our specimens are designed to help you achieve the best possible results in cultivation.


Reduce Your Costs

By repurposing your mothering room, you no longer will have wasted space dedicated to a process that creates potential disease in your facility, you will save operational expenses + increase your yield per crop.


Better Genetics

Zennetix is committed to providing the highest quality cannabis tissue cultures available. We specialize in providing true-to-type genetics that ensure that your plants are the original genetic and free of genetic drift from cloning. 


Always New

We are constantly adding new cultivars to our portfolio for you to choose from. No need to source seeds and run the cloning process, we've got you covered, for as little as $10 per plant*.

*based on bulk subscription orders

The Future is Gen Zero Tissue Culture Technology

Federally Legal Cannabis Clones 


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Genetic Storage & Refurbishing

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Welcome to Zennetix: Cultivating the Future of Canibus Science

Each year, Cannabis cultivation facilities lose millions in damaged crops due to viruses, viroid and pathogens. At Zennetix, we produce certified virus, viroid and pathogen free Tissue Cultures with Generation Zero genetics, reducing your overhead costs, real estate needs for a mothering room and increasing the quality and consistency of your harvest. Find out how we can save you money and increase your revenue by inquiring now:

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Drive down costs

Save operational and labor costs by letting Zennetix provide consistent, certified virus and viroid free genetics for a superior product and yield while reducing your mothering / cloning space requirement and limiting labor costs. 



Lets Grow Together

At Zennetix, we provide our customers with certified, disease free tissue cultures at a fraction of the cost to develop in house. 

Our tissue cultures are produced in GMP compliant, sterile, and temperature-controlled laboratories. With our technology and expertise, we are creating a new standard of cannabis tissue cultures that will revolutionize the industry.



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